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Lightroom ChicaPreset Package Offer

AT LONG LAST, the Official ChicaPreset Pack is here! Developed by Morgan Tyner (IG: @morganbtyner) The ChicaPreset Pack brings ALL of Morgan's Personality, Authenticity, and Funk into one pack FULL of Vibrancy, Warmth, and Liveliness.

Both ChicaPreset styles (Sunshine & Moonlight) represent part of Morgan's Unique Style and Aesthetic that is essential to her Personal Brand.

As a creative team, here, WE embrace Color and Contrast and aim to incorporate Vibrancy and true JOY into every Image we create together.

Now, it’s YOUR turn to do the same and CHICA-fy YOUR amazing photos, Chica!




After Payment, You Will Receive A Confirmation Email With A Link So You Can Start Using Your ChicaPresets Product Right Away. ALL Download Directions are included in this Product Purchase. Oh, Chica, you know I'd NEVER leave You hanging! 😊All ChicaPreset Sales Are Final. Digital Products Cannot Be Returned. No Refunds Are Available. Email [email protected] If You Have Any Questions. 🙂


“I love all the background changes! ChicaPresets has been a Magic background changer for me! I recommend ChicaPresets to other creators because this is such a superb Preset pack!”

Chelsea Harris | IG: @cinderellascosmeticsox

“ChicaPresets have given me more options when editing photos! I like having the option of daylight and nighttime photo enhancements thru using both the Sunlight and Moonlight ChicaPresets. 😊The presets are very subtle and make the photos seem natural while still giving a boost in appearance!!”

Laura Petrakis | IG: @lauralately76

“The ChicaPresets have worked so well for me on pictures I've been posting! AND most recently I have been getting more engagement with those photos in which I have incorporated ChicaPresets. I would TOTALLY recommend them because they are super easy to use, even while on the go! They have really given me the opportunity to shed more light or moonlight onto my pictures!! They are super easy to use, which is a great thing when you’re trying to do things quickly & efficiently! Both the Sunshine and Moonlight Presets let me enhance my photos. The Sunshine Preset is especially helpful for darker shots that I get, especially when I’m shooting indoors. The Moonlight Preset is really awesome for photos where there is a lot of light and I want to give it a little bit of cool darkness!! I have used other Presets in the past, but they are often way too bright, way too dark, or way too much of ONE singular color for what I need. The ChicaPreset package offers BOTH light and dark options, which I don’t always find one of each in a set or done by the same person that I like. I think the fact that they enhance the photos and not necessarily just make them super bright or super dark -- but play on the coloration in the photos -- is what really makes ChicaPresets awesome for my Instagram!”

Susan Zelenak | IG: @alldaybeautybysusan